Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sprint 2-11 - Meremere - Sun 20 Mar 2011

It was a misty morning when we left home, but as always, as the day progressed, the sun came out with a vengeance.

It was a day of differences for Den and me. First, driving the Honda boat (P8), the pedal must have been moved further towards me. I could never reach it before. Then Lucinha was left at home because she had the flu, so Den burgled Jackson for the day as our navigator.

It was nice to see the owners of P13 travel from Taupo, Robbie, Robbie and Belinda who all got the opportunity to ride/drive in the boats. Be nice to see their boat up and running in the pond.

With only eight drivers, Simon’s roundy-round rotation got the brain working. Some forgot which roundy they were up to (me), while someone else learned to never change your direction (Robbie) as you’ll end up on the bank, someone else forgot to put the bungs back in their boat before putting it back in the water (Greg), and someone forgot you don’t blitz the field on your first run, then again on the final to record FTD. Yay Cam.

With so few drivers it was nice to finish the day early.

See you all at the next sprint - April 17. - Ree

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