Sunday, 14 September 2008

SPRINT 7-08 - 14 Sep 08, Meremere

Sorry guys and girls……I will not be mentioning names because I can’t remember any of them (had my work cut out remembering the rotation).

Not going to talk about the results because I don’t care (OK I came Last!) What I’m going to talk about is my day, the fun I had and the butt kicking dished out to me by a “predator”. I see why the little beasts are called predators now.

It’s to do with their ability to lay on their trailer in-wait for some unsuspecting green horn Group “A” driver with little respect, to climb aboard thinking how hard can it be and that’s when it turns into a “predator”!

I was feeling a little lonely for the first few rounds being the only one getting bank time until a few of you more experienced pilots started to show a little less respect for your craft than you should and join me on the bank - that brought a smile to my face!

I was pretty apprehensive driving back to the launch ramp after my first “off” as Cam sat waiting for me to bring his beloved “mini me” back in one piece but when I saw his face I realized he was more interested in seeing one of us V8 boys get whipped. I must say I understand what that feels like now as I watched an “unnamed” super boat pilot get lured in to the “M-Sprint” a little later on in the day. Let’s just say he had issues.

I would have to recommend that all V8 boys may like to humbly ask a predator owner for the opportunity to polish their skills - I learnt more in one run in a predator than I had all season in my group A boat. So if any of you other predator owners would like to make a fool of me, I would be only to happy to drive (crash) your rig. Big thanks to Doug for inviting me over for the day and to Cam for letting me crash (I mean drive his boat). It would be a real hoot to see some of the front running V8 boys go “toe to toe” with the predator crowd but they would need to lay off the pies.

One special mention “DORK OF THE DAY” - Greg if you can’t park a predator on the trailer how the hell are you going to park your fire breathing super boat.

Cheers Grass Cutter

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