Sunday, 22 February 2009

SPRINT 1-09, Meremere, Sunday 22 Feb 09

Welcome all to a new season of fun and racing.
The weather could not have been better for our first sprint. Five boats ready to race, track looking great, everyone raring to go.
It was nice to see some of the V8 guys come down to race with us in our boats too.

Today was my first outing to the track in my new boat P14, having purchased it from Nick in January. It is good to racing MY boat.
I would like to thank all members of the club for helping and sharing over the last six or seven months until I got a boat. Thanks to Campbell for the use of P1 for the winter series, Den and Ree for the drive of P9 on the river, I obviously was not trying hard enough first time out in a boat because Ree reached over with her left foot, mashed the pedal to the floor and yells “That’s how it’s done.” Thanks Ree.
And Den for showing me the way around the track and how to drive.

Now back to the events of the day.
After Gregs official stuff, course of the day given and half studied, a second course given (definitely less dizzying than the first), boats wetted, engines warmed we were off racing, Den setting the mark for the rest to chase, seems familiar.

John Mincham driving a pred P14 for the first time, soon came to grips and set brother Graeme in his sights. Strategy: kicked me out as navigator. Get Tahlia as nav (very busy, 4 drivers to sort out), good move, she pointed and coached the good lines and times dropped all day to a second place finish.
Great, thrashed in my own boat. I can’t blame P14 now can I?

Graeme Mincham in P1 then P9 seemed to be enjoying the scenery on the way around the track. Not something he gets to do in his fire breathing super boat.
I think Rueben his navigator was heard to say “Hey dad we did not crash”.

In fact NO land claims were made all day. Hey are we all getting good or just not trying hard enough? A great days racing was had by all.

Cam was out in the group A boat, giving sponsors rides, great to see the ear to ear smiles on those returning to the trailer.
Cams results getting better as the series continues, top 8 finish last outing. Keep up the good work.

Racing finished - thanks to Kathy on the Timing, Amy on the flag flapping.

Then onto Beer and Hamburgers from the bbq, thanks to the cooks.

Prize giving. See results above. Tahlia seemed to take just too much enjoyment presenting Dad with the DOD award. I can’t remember what for though.

See you all next time

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