Tuesday, 16 November 2010

SPRINT 8-10 - Meremere - Sun 14 Nov 2010

HANDICAPS have all been updated - see how much your Handicap has risen! As well as the ones in BLUE below, both Simon's and Cam's have risen to the 99.99 maximum.

No sign of spring this morning; it was a dismal start to the day. Craig’s friend came down with his camera and beautifully captured the drivers briefing ritual and then the finger pointing going round in circles rotation learning ritual. (Photos will be posted soon)
The fun started when we hit the water with a bit of on track weeding being performed and a damsel in distress mission for Cam as he rescued Lucina from one of Den’s park ups.
P1 was not playing nicely, so Cam hopped in with Rodger and proved how quick P14 is, posting the fastest time of the day and taking home the trophy for the day. The DOD trophy finally found a willing recipient after being unclaimed for a while. Yep, Den the old master, left the boat on the ramp while a trailer extraction was performed. The resounding thump was heard clearly around the whole of the course, as was the hysterical laughter and applause that followed. Yup, no secrets out here.
Thankfully the day improved and by the time we were doing the top 5 the sun was out. After racing finished we had a quick flurry of activity weed eating and mowing the islands, starting the tidy up for summer. By the time prize giving came around it was back to a lovely day ,thanks to all for the help with the BBQ. Cam deservedly took the trophy home, saving his last run to post the fastest time of the day. Den and Rog shared second place with Simon coming an unusual 4th. I was quite happy taking it easy, slowly getting back into driving again, but really enjoying sitting in the silly seat flapping my hand.
Great to see Craig and Chris, our new drivers, shaving seconds off their times.
An enjoyable day for all and some great candid photos to take away too.
See you next month,

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