Sunday, 12 September 2010

I woke in the mornig to the sound of pouring rain and thought this is going to be fun but by the time we got to Meremere it had cleared into a alright day.
Rodger was the first there so we set about setting up the timing gear but that wasnt a happening thing so it was hand timing for the day,i think the old timing light has seen a bit to much water with myself, rodger and Grimz al trying to get it working but na.
A big thanks to Vanessa and Wayne for the timing duties,you cant stay on that deck all season Wayne !.
After two attempts at the demo we got it right and then it was down to racing.Myself and Sheila in P10,Rodger had his nav Sean again and Cam and Doug swapped around in P1 with Jackson and Grimz talked me into naving for him.Our cut off run didnt go to well with us picking up a bit of stick firmly lodging itself onto the front of the blade making us limp our way around to the finish.The track was pretty full due to the rain and lots of weed in the track saw plenty of weeds being pulled out of grates on a regular basis.All the boats ran pretty close over the day with only nano seconds between 1st 2nd and 3rd.Grimz reconds i wasnt allowed lunch to keep my weight down but you know what they say about a man and his lunch !
The rotation was nice fast and sweeping with a few new corners not tried before but there was no whoops and everybody nailed it quickly so the old dod award went unawarded for another month ,its funny how no body wants to take that trophy home !
After racing it was play time and i took Grimz boat for a spin to see if i could go any quicker than him but nooo it was about the same so Grimz jumped in P10 for a spin and found out just how different the boats handle.
So it was onto prize giving and stories and pack up to head home until next month.
Until then

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What's Coming Up?

  • CONFIRMED DATES for 2014 Series 2
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