Monday, 11 May 2009

Sprint 4-09 - Meremere - Sun 10 May 09

We have to be there by 9, Drivers Briefing at 9:30. Simon says.
When we arrive, they’re the only ones there. Simon says.
Drivers Briefing in 2 minutes – Simon says.
So I get caught to do the briefing.
Simon says, Greg pick a course. “Course 1, ‘cause it’s got twice through the Start-Finish channels.” Greg says we’re not allowed to use the speedbowl or channel 4, so it’s a different sort of flow today. We need to let the topsoil mods settle in for the next season.
Simon says, “I’ll do the demo.” So he does.
Three times, finally getting it right!
We’re off. Simon says.
Rodger seems to be the only one that likes lawn-mowing today, except in his last run it appears to have changed to “navigational error”, Simon says. His navigator Kirsten doesn’t agree.
Wayne and Steve still can’t do without each other in the boat – they had a nice lightweight nav for some of the middle runs though, Simon says. But Wayne had the last laugh – he got into the Top Five, beating his cohort by over a second, Simon says.
Simon says he’ll ride in the monster (Superboat supercharged superspeed) so that when he gets back in the Pred, it’ll be a doddle.
So Simon says.
But it didn’t seem to help, Simon says.
He changes to driving Greg’s Group A V8 instead, so that when he gets back in the Pred, it’ll be a doddle.
So Simon says.
But it didn’t seem to help, Simon says.
Sheila, Simon says, gets quicker by the run, and in the end, becomes a member of the elite “Husband-Beater’s Club”. Sheila snaps into 3rd , well into the Top 5. “Bugger!” Simon says.
Ree, with Sheila in the Simon says seat, gets to grips with the difficult course and gains a very creditable second, Simon says. And Den manages to scrape in another Simon says first.
“I’ll grab 4th then,” Simon says.
Simon was the only one in contention for the DoD loo seat today, by ramming the launch pool wall, so Simon would have had it easily.
Simon says “No.” Cam forgot to give the DoD loo seat to anyone, so gets it automatically for not getting back from Europe quick enough. Simon says.

After the day’s pressure, all the watchers were taken for rides in Preds and V8s. And after the rides, the Champagne was popped, and the Predator’s 15th Birthday cake and bubbles enjoyed by the faithful lingerers.

So Simon says. Check the photo!


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