Monday, 20 December 2010

It was a dark and stormy night and then it was morning and a damp and crappy one at that.
We had a go at making everyone happy, but as with all good intentions, it didn't quite work out that way.

The attendees were as follows: Sheila and Simon, Craig and Simon, Greg and Chen, Cam and Jackson, Roger and Cam No 2 and Wayne and Ja.

I was supposed to be somewhere else and the deal I had with my love interest was - I would do my 4 runs and then do a runner but as usual I forgot to do the runner part, so our family lunch in Whangamata became an early dinner (oooops).

The timing gear started to play up as well, so was just a bum titties day. Simon was on the pace straight away and was in the 60 sec bracket with only one run of 63 sec and a FTD of 59.58 and another round win and the series win as well. Yours truly did a 61 in the first timed run and then went progressively slower all day and finished with a 62.27 to come in secound for the day and for the series again. (This would get a lesser man down, but I just have to HTFU).

Roger's times are very consistent, so we know he can drive, so all he has to do is get the angry man out and we know his boat is quick - he ended up 3rd for the day and 3rd for the series, (see the pattern here?) Wayne was also consistent with his times and is getting it all sorted out for next season, but a good 4th on the day. Craig and Simon started with a 81.28 and ended with a 66.71 so a huge improvement on the day.

Rumour has it that Grimz now has the Big cam inside his engine and the story is that he is bringing up a huge can of whipass to the summer season, so we will know what he's got on the 20th Feb for the start of the new season - let's get into it and go hard or go home.
---The Jonesy

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