Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sprint 6-10 17th October Meremere

out of the horses mouth !
better late than not at all
We left whiti at the usual time heading for Meremere but with a difference,Following close behind was Chris with P13 in tow.
We landed at the pond to find rodger the only boat there (as yet),Slowly the crews come through the car water course and backed up ready for a days fun.The weather was bleak with the odd shower and a cold breeze blowing through (brrr).
Boats and more boats turned up 7 to be exact,ps 1,10,8,14,19,13 and 5 great turn out.
Most boats did 1 or 2 runs pre racing on weed control (Chris it is fun LOL)and there was casualties.
Racing started and we all were having a ball,swapping nav's and boats running aground etc,(yes me 3 times,Chris twice and Doug was it 2 or 3 times?)
Vanessa up on the deck doing the timing god thing and every one helping flapping the flags. Thank you.
Once the racing was done it was off to weedeating and lawnmower racing around the islands,looking good,pity about Simon killing the new club mower ! Whats with that ?Price giving and BBQ to finish off .O for awesome.
1st Cam,2nd Simon(president)and 3rd Doug
1st Lady was the 1st Lady (Sheila)
Welcome to the new comers,Please come again and thank you for everyone for coming along.
Ed's note,
Grimz got DOD and thanks to Craig (newbe)for BBQing the snags.

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