Tuesday, 16 February 2010

SPRINT 1-10 - Meremere - Sun 14 Feb 2010

Firstly sorry for the lateness, I forgot it was my turn.
Welcome all to the new season. I hope everyone had a pleasant xmas and new year.
The weather was great; track looking fantastic, lots of work has been done. The club room and deck provide our timers and flag flappers a great view and shelter for their fantastic work for whom without there would be no results to publish.
A good turnout with seven boats on the ramp.
Racing was close as always, with less than 0.3 of a second separating the first three boats.
It is good to see families out there competing together and against. With Sarah and Cory both trying to beat each other and Mum and Graeme, Cory winning the day with a little help from Cam.
I think Sarah's new horse would have been faster on the day than P14, it would definitely have eaten less weeds!
Looking forward to seeing everyone next meeting.

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