Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sprint 9-08 - 9 Nov 08 - Meremere

Sunday 9th November

I came fifth over all!!!
Day dawned really bright, should we take a jacket? Yes its Meremere. Get there early to mend the boat, first time we’ve been the first there! Then the black boat arrived (cant remember all the boat numbers, sorry)
One armed bandit and plastered put Simon out but Greg and Sheila good to go. Den and Ree, Cam and Kath, the 4 of us, Roger and Wayne and Steven. I was offered the use of the blue boat so evened up the numbers in the boats, and I would like to thank you very much.
Did I mention I came 5th over all???
Andrew tried on several occasions to break the purple peril but Martin on hand to sort that out. Ryan tried to sink the boat by not putting the bungs in!!
Oh, I came 5th over all and second lady.
The newly painted 5p boat had a few problems but did eventually get going. Kerry did come after all and the terrible two where back in the boat together with discussions about finishing as they started by rolling the boat!!! They nearly succeeded.
A few of us found the new tires and how good they are secured in the track. A few different angles needed to try and get round.
Forgot to mention I came 5th over all, probably due to the co driver, but I came 5th over all.
Den and Ree, for reasons known only to themselves, liked the same tire and decided that their co driver should see how cold the water was and believe me it was very cold when it goes straight down your back.
Just because Ryan was being beaten by his mother he decided to drive a blinder on his last lap just to keep the record straight, and probably because he had to get out and push the boat a couple of times and needed to vent his frustration at having to get his feet wet.
A good time had by all and the usual suspects up front and in the lead, but I don’t think I mentioned I got into the top 5 and came 5th over all.
See you all at our xmas sprint and don’t forget to bring your goodies.


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