Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sprint 4-10 *Whitianga* Sat 19 Jun 2010

Due to maintenance at Meremere sprint 4 was relocated to Whitianga at the track which had been made for the Speed weekend display.
**Thank you Grimz for organising the venue and tractor.

It was a very early start as I was travelling down with Den and Ree and they needed to leave their home at 6am. We travelled south and looked for the stars of Matariki which mark the Maori new year but too cloudy and misty.

Making good time we stopped in Tairua for a coffee etc then carried on to Whitianga to find a bakery {another story}. Txts exchanged with the others then all met and convoyed into the venue.
This was the first time I had seen the track, which is made in part of the waterways. It had plenty of water in it after all the rain. A long pond with tyres making the islands was the challenge for the day. Launching a bit hard with a car so Grimz had arranged a big tractor for that task. The boats all in the pond. Next, Rodger gives drivers briefing and a course randomly chosen. I had not been in a Pred since February so was looking forward to the days racing even if it was windy and cold.

Grimz had trouble demonstrating the rotation, which was good as it gave me a bit more time to get my head around it, knowing that the tyre islands were going to take a bit of distinguishing at water level, as they all look the same except for a little grass growing in some. The wind was cold but seemed to have little affect on the water in the track. Vanessa parked her truck in line with the start finish line to keep warm while time keeping, and soon the days racing started. There only being 6 drivers it did not take long to get through to the final where all but Ree managed their best run for the day.
**Well done Simon on taking out the day with a great run of 57 secs closely followed by Den then Doug and Rodger =3rd.

The Round had finished quite early so it was decided to have another little competition where all drivers had one go only driving Grimz's P19 around the same rotation with the same navigator. Rodgers nav Charlton was elected and off we all went. One time best time drive in same set up - what a great little bit of fun. It showed how close all the drivers are getting with less than 3 seconds covering the field.
**Well done to the master Den who took it out, over 1 second clear, ahead of the rest of us.

**Grimz thankyou for the use of your boat but I guess it shows you it can get around a bit faster than you or I have managed to yet.

With all the boats back on the trailers we set off to Grimz & Vanessa’s house for a great cup of coffee and warm up out of the wind. The day’s results announced and decision to cut the series to 4 rounds was agreed and then the series results announced.

**Simon with navigator Sheila in P10 took out the series win, a great effort with some nice consistent racing.

**Prizes from our great sponsor CRC where given out, then we set off home.
Thanks to all who came out for the day. I had another great day of Predator jetsprinting, looking forward to the next round.

Doug D

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