Thursday, 17 December 2009

SPRINT 10-09 - Tuakau - SUN 13 Dec 09

With a brisk early morning breeze we assembled down at the mighty Waikato river to complete the winter racing series on Sunday the 13th of December.  Some will tell you the number 13 is unlucky and as the events of the day unfolded I began to believe it is so.  Firstly we had roll call or as it was a Rrrr.  It didn’t take too long at all, Den, Ree, Cam, Rog Greg, Simon & Sheila and several boys out in the river.  The list of apologies took longer to read out, but never mind.  Usual blah de Blah was read out and all mumbled acceptance, then Sheila decided we had to move camp so she could get a better view so she could accurately carry out the most important job of timekeeping. 
Den & Ree did the usual double act of co driving each other, Greg sat beside Simon all day and waved his good wing from time to time.  Must have done OK as Simon managed to have the FTD during the early rounds.  I jumped in with Roger and told him the first rule of river racing was not to wet the co driver.  Didn’t do me any bloody good as he told me later he doesn’t wear his hearing aids when he is racing.  Thanks Rog. 
We sometimes get away with not too much interference from the Ski boats but today was not the day with the Red flag out to stop competitors entering the course being waved from time to time. The other little problem was the wind as it was not constant so sometimes you might be lucky and get a good flat run through the course and a quick time or as my luck would have it a combination of a HUGE wake and a very stiff breeze combined at the end bouy to provide the watching spectators with a very spectacular view of P1 very airborne and then very wet as Rog and I tried to turn it into a submarine.  A bit too much water inside the boat,  the bilge pump going full bore and a little help was required to help us to shore.  I told Rog I would pay him back for getting me wet but I think I over did things a bit. (Luckily I always have the Bilge on when we are in the river). These boats are very forgiving and it did not take too long to get P1 fired up again and we were able to complete the day. 
Simon and Den scrapped over first place with the old master coming out on top, (he just loves to mess with peoples heads eh), Simon second which gave him the points required to take out the series, Rog was third, Ree 4th and yours truly at the other end of the field. 
We then adjourned to the club rooms quite early where very soon we were joined by Wayne & Pam for the aftermatch, They must have wanted a bit of a lie in or something but they were there for the Prizegiving and had made the effort.  We need to sell the two boats or encourage people to lease a boat on a meeting by meeting basis so we can get the numbers up again as once people have a go they realize how much fun you can have for very little money. 
To you all have a safe Xmas and New year, remember to check the Blog for Working bee dates ect and lets pull finger and hit the ground running in 2010. 

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