Monday, 7 May 2012

To the Waikato Heads - Sun 29 Apr 2012

Awesome day out on the Waikato River. Put the boats in by the Tuakau bridge at about midday, decided not to do any racing, so shot off down the river to Port Waikato. Den and Ree in one boat, Graeme and Vanessa in another, myself (Sarah) went along with Rodger, Caroline (1st time in jet boat) went with Doug in the Msprint, Wayne and Andy in the last boat. We had hoped to grab some fish n chips, but the store had closed! So we went into the dairy next door.   We went all the way to the Waikato Heads to look at the Tasman Sea before heading back up the river. Rodger had fun wake surfing until a loud bang from behind made us s**t ourselves! We detoured a bit and a couple of boats took in weed, Graeme and Vanessa first, then Wayne and Andy. (Sorry to whoevers whitebait raft we broke!) Graeme and Rodger had a bit of fun on the way, soaking not just themselves, but their passengers as well! :P Just before we got out of the water, we went for one last sprint under and between the pillars of the bridge.   Overall a very fun day, we were on the river for about 3 hours total. Graeme’s boat (really Vanessa’s?) managed to complete the trip with no mishaps after being out of the water for a year! Thank you everyone for the great day, and thank you Rodger for taking me (Sarah), and thanks Doug for taking Caroline.

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